SSA Annual MEETing 2024

*29 April–3 May 2024 | Anchorage, Alaska

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Social Q&A

To submit your question, you can go to and choose your preferred meeting room you want to pose a questiion in or use the table below locate the code for your preferred meeting room. Go to the link below to participate in SSA’s post-presentation question and answer sessions.

K’enakatnu 6 BoardroomAsk a Question
Kahtnu 1Ask a Question
Kahtnu 2Ask a Question
Tikahtnu Ballroom A/BAsk a Question
Tikahtnu Ballroom CAsk a Question
Tikahtnu Ballroom E/FAsk a Question
Tubughnenq’ 3Ask a Question
Tubughnenq’ 4Ask a Question
Tubughnenq’ 5Ask a Question
Tikahtnu Ballroom BAsk a Question

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